Family Day Out To Ramsgate Real Life Games

We have recently¬†visited Ramsgate Real Life Games. It’s definitely worth a visit. It’s an escape room in Ramsgate only 10 minutes away. We did it as a family with 7 of us and it was just so much fun. You have to save the world and you only have 1 hour to do it! It’s
great fun to play from a group of 2 to 7 or so. I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10, and hopefully they will be building another one there soon so two groups can play at the same time which would be even more fun. ( Life GamesReal Life Games.png

The Biggest Wetherspoons In The UK

Finally went to the new Weatherspoons by Ramsgate Harbour called the Royal Victorian Pavillion. Beautiful building with great views. Good for families and groups in particular. Look forward to seeing how well they do in the summer as they are right on the beach, and it’s so good to see that lovely old building brought back to life. Definitely worth a visit.

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